About Us

Founded in 2002, Legend Web Works is a full-service web design firm dedicated to building user-friendly websites that are effective and easy to maintain. We work with organizations ranging in size from small start-up firms to large corporations and government entities. During the past 16 years, we have built thousands of web pages for clients in more than 300 cities throughout North America. 

The Cincinnati Business Courier has named Legend Web Works one of the leading web design firms in the Tri-State in its prestigious Book of Lists every year since 2010. 

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Our team

All of our team members are full-time employees and work in our Mason, Ohio office. This ensures we have complete control over the quality of our work and the ability to address client issues quickly when a need arises. 

A dedicated project manager will work with you, guiding and organizing your project. From planning timelines to organizing resources, your manager will work with you to prevent and alleviate any issues along the way, setting you up for success from day 1.

Our why

Why school websites, you ask? In our depth of experience working with businesses, non-profits and government entities throughout the years, we learned just how much schools could benefit from a better website model. It proved to be an industry in need of much better communication tools that were significantly easier to maintain. We started here at home with neighboring school districts, offering a unique model and a stronger product. Our successes in Southwest Ohio have led to growing interest. We're ready to be the solution your district needs.